Robert Seymour is licensed by the State of Oklahoma as a Private Investigator, License #19UPI65552.  He operates under the agency name Seymour Investigations #18PIA4338 as a bonded self employed Private Investigator.  Any questions regarding his license can be directed to the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.


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Robert Seymour is a graduate of Northeastern State University.  He earned his Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance.

Robert Seymour


Robert Seymour is a former United States Marine.  He served 6 years in the Marine Corps and completed one tour in Iraq.  He was a part of the first rocket artillery unit deployed by the Marine Corps.  His military operation specialty was Fire Direction Controlman.  He ended his contract as a Sergeant.


Seymour Investigations, LLC is a BBB Accredited Investigator in Tulsa, OK

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