I received a call from Robert Seymour stating he is a Private Investigator that has located money owed to an Estate I represent.  As an attorney for 30 years, I was very skeptical of the opportunity presented.  I questioned Mr. Seymour about the details of the money.  I asked for a meeting and we discussed the opportunity further, yet I was not fully convinced that the claim was real.  However, Mr. Seymour and I have a common bond.  We are both former United States Marines having served in combat.  His service in the Marine Corps ultimately led me to contract with him for his services.  He then disclosed all the details regarding the money.  His expertise in locating unclaimed funds was evident by the amount of knowledge he had regarding the claim.  Mr. Seymour provided me with excellent service and I enjoyed getting to know him in process. ~ Pete Silva (Tulsa, OK)

Robert Seymour

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Robert contacted me by mail about some money he thought was owed me.  I had been contacted a few months earlier by a different non-licensed entity telling me the same thing.  Because I didn't feel comfortable with them, I paid an attorney to look over their documents before I signed and returned them.  After about a month not hearing back from them, I called and was told that I wasn't the person to whom the money was owed, but would give me no explanation as to why my name surfaced with it.  When I replied to Robert I told him what had happened and he asked if he could investigate it further since it seemed to be the same money.  Within a week he wrote and said that after his investigation, it was in fact mine and he would like to go ahead and have them send it out.  He also offered to waive his fee because of the bad experience I had with the first company; of course, I insisted because without his perseverance, I would have had nothing.  I have no doubt that he was able to uncover facts that the other company couldn't because he has the proper licensing authority to do his job. The entire process with Robert was 180 degrees from the other company.  At all times, Robert was totally professional, trustworthy, polite and friendly.  He did exactly what he said he would do and followed through on everything.  If you would like any further information from me, please ask Robert for my email address and let me know what questions you have. ~  Susan Spalter (Dallas, TX)

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